South West Crucible 2014 took place from April to July 2014.  There is currently no new South West Crucible programme scheduled. However, if you work within the GW4 Alliance (Bath, Bristol, Exeter and Cardiff) we encourage you to get involved with the GW4 Crucible – Healthy Living taking place from Feb to May 2017.


“Certainly made me think of new approaches to my work and has given me a few ideas for fusing arts and science!”

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South West Crucible is a high profile programme of investment in the research leaders of the future. Below are some examples of how you and your employer will benefit from you participating in South West Crucible:

  • Enhance your ability to think creatively and innovatively in your work.
  • Develop your network of peers within the research community, fuelling potential interdisciplinary work.
  • Enhance your skills in media and public engagement as well as policy making.
  • Increase your understanding of how your research interacts with society and how this may impact your work.
  • Enable you to use these skills to best suit your organisation.

Your institution is investing in you so all your expenses (registration, accommodation and catering) will be paid by the Universities of Bath, Bristol and West of England.

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