South West Crucible

Our aim is to help participants to:

  • Understand how other early to mid-career researchers are tackling the same issues as them
  • Discover how evidence-based policy is made
  • Explore ways on how to communicate with the media and the public
  • Be inspired by entrepreneurial activities going on in the South West
  • Develop skills and attitudes likely to make their research more innovative
  • Share perspectives and build relationships with fellow researchers which may lead to interdisciplinary collaborations now or in the future

South West Crucible is an opportunity for 30 promising researchers from any discipline to come together and explore their potential and together tackle the current research challenges. The programme helps researchers in the early stages of their careers to look outwards for opportunities to innovate and make a difference.

Each Lab combines workshops, skills enhancement sessions, talks, group exercises, self-examination and field trips.

South West Crucible is about helping researchers to see the bigger picture.   

It aims to inspire participants to approach their research in a new way. Participants will discover skills and attitudes likely to make their research more innovative. The purpose is for participants to return armed with a greater understanding of how research can benefit society and how thinking creatively can really make a difference to their work and career.

Steering Group

The South West Crucible is overseen by a steering group comprised of senior members of the collaborating organizations: