Southwestern Interior Design Tips

In my home, decor was always more than just a way to make our house a beautiful living space. My mom had gotten her degree in interior design and finding projects in our house to re-decorate or re-vamp has always been one of her favorite past times. And although I also loved to see her fun transformations, it was even more enjoyable for me to spend that time bonding with my mom.

When I was little I would drive my mom absolutely mad by the amount of time I would spend glued to her side. But, as I grew older we had less and less time together and really only could talk over the dinner table, or while I was finishing my math assignments- half listening. There was one other time where my mom and I would spend hours brainstorming and chatting though, and that was when we were re-decorating. We always had so many ideas we would run by each other, and not a project would go by without a couple hour conversation between the two of us. Time became so tight that I would start asking my mom to help me change my room’s theme or color scheme, just so that we could spend more time together.


When my 18th birthday came around, I asked my mom if we could try something new in my room. She was so excited, and in such a busy and emotional time in my life, where everything was changing, decor brought me and my mom together. Every time we went to the store we got to look at all of the homeware, we spent time debating different colors, coming up with new ideas and just talking about life. And now that time is going on and I could be getting married within the year, me and my mom get to take time out of our busy schedules to talk all about decor.


Home decor matters to me because it is something that brings my family closer and keeps a relationship with my mom, no matter how busy we get.